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"I am a slave"

Artikelnummer: 03004.



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size: 48 pages
dimensions: 10.5 x 15 cm
color: black and white / color
material: 90 g / m2
Technology: cover two color offset printing, digital printing inside Lenoirschuring Amstelveen
ISBN NL 978-90-823058-0-7
ISBN ENG: 978-90-823058-1-4
edition: 2014

I am a slave of your freedom’ includes the short cartoons ‘The lost hat that was found again’ and ‘The shadow of your smile.’ The third story ‘I came by boat’ is the description of the triptych ‘Ancestral Migration’ in three scenes: ‘The lost kingdom‘, ‘The symmetry of life’ andSons and heirs’. The first edition of 75 copies in Dutch and 75 copies in English is released for the occasion of the exhibition ‘Indonesian DNA‘ in CODA museum, Apeldoorn and the Special Publishers Fair at Paradiso in Amsterdam.